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Another Way of Sorting Laundry

Unsorted Laundry

We all know that it is a good practice to sort laundry before washing to help preserve color. Many of us do precisely this when conducting our own fluff and fold chores. Perhaps sorting can be as simple as gathering all white, bleachable items into their own wash load, or maybe that’s taken up a notch to sorting laundry into piles of white clothes, dark clothes, and bright colorful clothes. This is all good practice as it prevents dyes from one garment transferring, at least not too noticeably, to other items.

There is, however, one dimension of sorting that has often been skipped over or underrated, and that method is sorting by weight to preserve fabrics.

In order to prolong the quality of the fabric, garments should be washed with other garments of like material and fabric density. It’s inadvisable to wash thin cotton t-shirts with heavy-duty coveralls or jeans as the contrasting weights will inevitably cause the lighter fabrics to wear down and become thinner and duller over time.

However, perhaps the greatest argument for sorting by weight would be that different materials dry at different speeds. A load of thick hoodies and sweat pants take longer to dry than a load of graphic t-shirts and underwear.

So next time you do any laundry, consider sorting, washing, and drying your laundry by weight. You never know, it might save time on drying. Or leave the sorting to the experts and use either Tumble & Dry’s drop-off wash & fold service or pickup & delivery laundry service.

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